Thursday, 12 December 2013

High Ropes with the Banff Center

The Banff Center has one of the country's most impressive leadership development programs. It's certainly located in the country's most impressive location, at the base of Tunnel Mountain, aka "Sleeping Buffalo".

Project NOWE students have made a bunch of trips to the Banff Center this semester. Climbing at the Sally Borden Gym, taking in lectures by outdoor travel writers at the Banff Mountain Book Festival, and several "Leadership Labs" with Colin Funk have been on the agenda.

Colin holds a position on the Leadership Faculty at the Banff Center. An engaging facilitator with a background in acting, Colin is passionate and patient and eager to work with our First Nations students. We've done a variety of interesting projects:

taking in a lecture from Parks Canada on the archeological significance of Sleeping Buffalo
Architect - Communicator  - Builder: a fascinating role playing game that looks at the importance of communication
Energy Transfer: silencing the inner critic and putting yourself OUT THERE!
High Ropes: It's scary, but we all have what it takes to jump off the top of a telphone pole!

Here are a couple of photos of the High Ropes course facilitated by the Banff Center and Rob Turner from the Pacific Center for Leadership:

 Safety first -- equipping students with industrial grade safety equipment.

 Working up the nerve. The goal here was to touch (or even headbutt) the pink foam dangling about 10 feet away. One - Two - Three - JUMP!!

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